Yung Joc’s Story About Diddy ‘Controlling’ Cassie Resurfaces


Yung Joc has spilled a lot of industry tea over the years, but his comments about Diddy having complete control over Cassie have resurfaced amidst the recent allegations involving the Bad Boy mogul.

Back in 2022, Joc sat down with Vlad TV to discuss his experiences with both Diddy and Cassie. On Thursday (November 16), DJ Vlad reposted the video in what he called a “flashback,” and Yung Joc’s comments seemed eerily prescient.

According to the “Juice Box” rapper, the alleged incident occurred when everyone was in Miami, and Yung Joc was pulling up to Diddy’s house in his yacht, where the mogul and Cassie were just “chillin’.”

“Me and Puff talkin’, we kickin’ it, and I’ll never forget this: I pulled back up, and Puff like, ‘Get in the Jeep with me, n-gga,’” he said. “So we ridin’ to the club, pumpin’ Biggie, and I’m like, ‘N-gga, I ain’t never really get the opportunity to be with Puff like this.’”

The crew then all went to the popular nightclub LIV together with other producers. “I was watchin’ Puff. Puff was lookin’ up,” he continued. “He saw this white woman, and it was bottles on bottles on bottles around. It was lit. Me and Cassie sittin’ next to each other, my wife was right here.

“The n-gga jumped off the bar and came over and said, ‘Yo. Yo, Cassie. Tomorrow, I want you to shave the side of your head.’ And I’m like, ‘What the fuck kind of request is that?’ So when I looked up there, this white woman’s side of her head was shaved. […] Within two, three days, she sent me a picture, and I’m like, ‘She done shaved her muthafuckin’ head!’”

Yung Joc’s story is just the latest in a series of stories about Diddy’s alleged Svengali-like control of Cassie, which has prompted some fans to remark about the extensiveness of the rumors surrounding Diddy prior to the federal lawsuit.

“It’s way too many stories about Diddy and this not the first time this coming about. Young Joc even mentioned in a interview how much control Diddy had over Cassie just by something he witnessed at the club. Everybody just can’t be lying,” wrote one fan.

Yung Miami Reacts To Diddy Shouting Out Cassie — But Not Her — In BET Awards Speech

Yung Miami Reacts To Diddy Shouting Out Cassie — But Not Her — In BET Awards Speech

Another wrote: “I remember yung joc telling story of how diddy saw a lady w half shaved head and told cassie to shave hers and joc asked her if she wanted to & she said “no but whatever sean wants I’ll do” diddy needs to be jailed.”

A third person suggested that the true origins of Cassie’s trendsetting cut had more sinister origins, writing: “Diddy allegedly ripped her hair out and she had to shave her head to make it look purposeful. Another story circulating by Yung Joc is that Diddy told her to do it after seeing some other woman with that hairstyle. Either way…”

In documents obtained by HipHopDX on Thursday (November 16), the singer (real name Casandra Ventura) accused the Bad Boy mogul of a number of crimes, including rape, sex trafficking and physical abuse.

Cassie is seeking unspecified damages, plus related attorney’s fees and costs.

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