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  1. Software is eating everything. Whatever laws or rules they make to clarify crypto, software can morph to be something else. This is not just about crypto. Every industry is going through the same evolution. All the "bank problems" are also the products of software. It's an arena that our legal system cannot maneuver fast enough to control.

  2. The problem with old fogey's like Elizabeth Warren is that they're too old to recognise a new and exciting technology, and too egotistical to realise that they themselves are outdated.

  3. Ich werde Ihnen für immer dankbar sein, Sie haben mein ganzes Leben verändert und ich werde weiterhin in Ihrem Namen predigen, damit die ganze Welt hört, dass Sie mich mit nur einer kleinen Investition in Kryptowährung vor erheblichen Schulden bewahrt haben. Danke Frau Alessia Noor…

  4. Take this with a grain of salt becau6at first I really did feel your energy and vision but it's time to let TJ take over and you go peddle your book to boomerang and noobs, very rare for me to make it thou8 a entire vid without cringing out at shit you say/do Ben

  5. I thought so, gensla is trying to use crypto projects to create regulations by sourcing information through court case. I knew that after that of LBRY case. You got it BitBoy.

  6. Gary's plan is to keep murky waters so his Wall Street buddies also take control and manipulate the crypto market.
    But someone must tell him that crypto is Global and the projects will move overseas.
    USA retail investors will have to use VPN's soon, just like communist China! Unless Republicans take over soon.

  7. Each day Gensler is at the helm, they're losing 10s of millions per day. They fined Kraken 30M but could be generating $50+ Million per day everyday by just requiring a small 10% per transaction fee for crypto purchases in the USA. WTF are they doing??? They are sitting on the motherload!!!! The problem is, "DINOSAURS" in congress that have zero clue.

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