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  1. yeah except I had a property for over a year and renewed my visa consistently the whole time, only to have the renewal not work one day when I thought it was good so I lost my asset and now I have to pay to get in.. lol big waste of time.. this video just reminded me to unsubscribe though so thanks for that.

  2. This is the Metaverse that I've been looking for, and now that I own over 200 properties in Upland, I am looking to start my own business. My own business, not an NFLPA shop, but my own NFT business. When is this possibility coming to Upland?

  3. I will say it is a steep learning curve to understand it. Most people do not take the time to research or learn. Once you understand what you are doing, and the direction that Upland is headed, you realize just how special it is. Do your research and don't just make a negative comment without understanding why you failed to succeed.


    They are a SCAM

    They do eveything in their power to avoid paying out their bonus, they called me a liar, acted like my 3rd and 4th payment were my first and finally told me because i had leveled to uplander through my hard work for free, i am no longer elligible for their PROMISED and WRITTEN agreement to provide a 50% first deposit bonus.

    They playcated me through the week of the new city release in order for me to think i was getting helped , and then at the end of the week they decided to start ignoring me

    DO NOT play this game!

  5. Total scam, lol they are selling anyone address without the permission, ideally they should pay for every physical address tied digital map real estate they are selling. And dude wtf where is ur 3d metaverse with high quality graphics?? They are just scamming people by selling a 2d version of google maps. Just wait for sometime and Upland will be hit by 100s of lawsuits.

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