Warhol.SS Delivers 16-Track Album, « Where’s Warhol 2 »

Warhol.SS Delivers 16-Track Album, "Where's Warhol 2"

Among this week’s many impressive New Music Friday arrivals is a 16-track project from Warhol.SS titled Where’s Warhol 2, which sees just one feature from CEO Trayle and Dc2trill on « Blue 42. » 

Other titles on the new record include « Scarface, » « Enough, » « First Impression, » « Who Got the Sack, » and « Real Trill, » all of which are carried solely by the up-and-coming Chicago rapper, who first rose to fame following the arrival of « Speedracer » back in 2017.

« I gave y’all 2 years. It’s Warhol season, » the recording artist captioned a photo dump that he delivered ahead of the album’s arrival. « Every song is a hit, » one listener wrote in the comments of another recent upload. « It’s been a minute since I listened to an album and didn’t have to skip. »

What are your top three tracks from Where’s Warhol 2? Drop a comment below and let us know, and check out our roundup of this week’s must-listen new releases here.


1. Scarface

2. Big 32

3. Not Goin for It

4. Enough

5. Misfit Child

6. That’s Right

7. No Time

8. First Impression

9. Wake Up

10. Blue 42 (feat. CEO Trayle & Dc2trill)

11. Breaking Bad

12. Who Got the Sack

13. Granny House

14. Strictly Business

15. Real Trill

16. Last Name

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