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  1. Ok so I thought this game looked interesting so i checked it out. I like the concept of ownership on the blockchain. Im just a little confused as to what i do next. I bought a property finished my first collection. I have 1200 UPX left and i can't find any other properties for that price which is fair enough. I assume the next step is to just wait to earn upx every 3 hours right? I got 0.4 upx overnight. Im not sure if that's just because its the only time i clicked the rewards thing or if they stack until you collect. Lets stay the worst case that they dont stack and i have to open the app every 3 hours to claim my 0.4 upx and i do that 24 hours a day. At the end of the day i would have 3.2 upx. The cheapest property i found was 1799. At the current rate it would take me 249 days of opening the app every 3 hours to purchase my next property for 1799.

    Is this the idea of the game of am i missing something? Some other way of earning coin without spending hundreds of real life dollars?

  2. Can't find a way to take funds back out. Treasure hunting don't do anything. You click on the arrows but nothing happens ever. Very weak and primitive way to contact support. Frustrating and disappointing. Oh dear .. hoping it will get better.

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