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  1. Good information. Did anyone else think that ‘Wonder Wheel’ was referring to Richard Pryor’s movie “The Toy”? I wish I was selected for the new property development…

  2. I'm wondering if you could open a new city with only 0.25% of random properties released every 15 minutes which will take 4 days and 4 hours to completely 100% release that city. That way people from all times zone have a chance to grab properties, collections, etc without opening all properties in one hit like Bakersfield in which I think ruined the second market.

  3. Cool update can you help me out with my July 4th #giveaway for the 10 pack of Upland cards? You can read the directions in my pinned tweet Greentime1
    Only 4 people have entered so far. It's easy just retweet, comment or dm me your wax wallet address and visit 2103 SAN PABLO AVE.OAKLAND, CA. See ya on the Memorial Day tour! Also good luck with the giveaway 🤞

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