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  1. Very excited with the roadmap, loving the energy from it. To the doubters ,yes of course this will make you guys money but aslong as you keep putting back into the game you will be fine.
    Good luck to you all on the project and everyone that comes along to play. Hit me up ingame DJ2181.

  2. This is pathetic! The learning curve is so steep. One video says you can buy FSA properties, as a "visitor" but, there are no FSA's! You can only purchase property if'n you are an "uplander!" Which you can do if'n you spend $20. I do realize you can "earn" up to $10,000 UPX, by logging in everyday and "earning $50 UPX but, $10,000/$50=200 days! Why not just charge $20 for the damn app? It's like giving someone a car and then telling them;"oh yea, it's gonna cost you for the motor.
    I get you want to get paid. Everyone wants their Benjamin's. But, seriously, can't you be more forthright and honest about it? Be upfront, not all sketch like a frat boy who got us hopped up on roofies and raped us on a high school football field before stuffing our half naked body in a grocery cart outside our parent's house.

  3. Gave it a try, got to buy 3 properties, but now I seem to be unable to do anything.
    I see a lot of other players with more than 10000x my net worth, am I to make that those people actually bought even a tenth of a tenth of their net worth with hard earned cash?
    I don't really understand, if this is a game, it seems kinda boring for the moment, as my only options seem to be to buy upx with a credit card or paypal, or patienly wait some 500 days until my current properties generate enough to buy another very small plot, or else go """searching""" for treasure, which is doubly boring (maybe there is some key aspect of it that i missed? ).
    If it is a crypto proyect, it is still lacking some serious features.
    I really want to give it a try, any help? @Upland +Upland

  4. I'm having very mixed feelings of this. I've recently bought 20k upx and bought some properties and made some collections that enabled me to buy a bit more of the cheaper land. So i'm waiting to generate more upx by logging in and a measly income while I see a lot of players moving around with literal millions of net worth.. Is this bought with real money? I can't believe it is, upx is really expensive. The other option to generate some is by having treasure hunts.. I've never found any so I stopped that too. So far it looks like it's just another universe of big wealths and early starters and slim pickings for people who just found out about this.

  5. You guys should rethink the treasure hunting minigame, its kind of hard to do it when sends are limited, and the arrow hints are not very helpful in determining distance, as I have been playing about a month and a bit, and have not found one yet. Would like to see treasure prizes increased, time limit increased, or send limits removed because it almost doesnt seem worth it to do otherwise.

  6. You cant direct your blockchain explorer that i know of, and it just goes around doing nothing…treasures are always recharging and make no sense. All properties are owned and i dont understand why you would pay for UPX. This might be fun if you earned more free curreny over time, but you get so little UPX from collections from owning the first property you get, you are basically forced to buy UPX to get more property (unless you want to wait months from daily login rewards to get enough for 1 additional property). VERY BORING and i don't understand how this is enjoyable to anyone. If people think this is fun then our definitions of fun must be different.

  7. Hello, please answer my question. I and many Iranian users have had difficulty logging in to the site since today, but unfortunately we have faced a message of prohibition and sanctions, and we are very upset because our funds have been jeopardized. Please provide a solution to continue. Present the game or withdraw our funds, and finally we complain about why you did not announce the issue of sanctions at the beginning of the game

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