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  1. why cant we sell our land on like opensea are wax we own them right? are we just paying to use them..i invested a few dollors in it thats it no return even the fiat crap youu put out i send for to get it and never got an email so what good is the lands if you dont controol what you buy im sorry the game to me just seems to make you spend more and more money to play and your little promos buy these acution your only filling your pockets not players and like you said he spent alot to get you guys to a million yea give him amedal ges should make land nft when you buy they should be your to keep and do what you want with not hold them hostage in game ..anybody want to play this game beware no money to be made and yo can sell your land nobody wants it they just want the rare lands dont let them sell you on its money making game ,..it is for the upland owners..i will do a video soon about how shady they are

  2. BRUH, YOUR a f&*king liar, do not, reccomend someone that puts out multiple videos a week, that does not!! Your research is entirely inaccurate! Jesus, you made me sub then unsub after 3 mins of actually watching your reccomended subs videos. This is a rant because you dribbled utter and complete shit!

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