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  1. I love these videos, all though I already know most of the information, it's great to catch up and have everything organized like this.

  2. hey guys unfortunately I don’t have much money to give me a good start in the game.. but I love the idea!
    would someone like to buy some overpriced properties of mine for upx so I can buy a few more properties? 😅

  3. The ability to sort/organize your properties as well as cycle through them from the map would make property ownership a much more enjoyable experience. You guys are doing great. Thanks

  4. We want something to DO. Searching for treasure in a race that someone else always wins is not my idea of fun. I'm wondering when I can develop my properties and you're off screwing around with 'cool avatars' and a hunt I can't win. You're obviously not hearing or not responding to this criticism.

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