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  1. Love the video format, I was thinking of doing this exact concept a few weeks ago to provide updates to the community but I'm glad to see upland beat me to it and executes on them nicely! Awesome narration, visuals, information, and all in short update format!

  2. I’ve applied to get my own custom nft explorer at town hall in San Fran.
    From what I gather the nft will be rendered and I’ll get an email when it’s ready. But who will it come from? Because since I’ve started playing my email is sort of flooded with upland emails, spent a lot of tedious time looking through them all in hopes of finding it amongst them all…

  3. Why does this Video only have 590 Views? Everything about this is really nice. Stoked about the NFTs dropping and also Upland Academy is really helpful cause i had to learn everything myself at the beginning and things could have been alot easier.

  4. Upland is a great game, besides it being a Play-2-earn this changes gaming to a while new level, this is such a good game besides it being simple but its cool.

  5. How does one buy an FSA worth more than 100k? Doesn't that make you a pro once the money, 100k+, is in your account? Once a pro I can not get fsa's? See my concern. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance

  6. Please talk to us about when this will go full Blockchain, which it will be, and when the crypto token will be minted. Fun game! Great potential! Focus on blockchain and token! Please!

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