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  1. Upland is still problematic. Accounts were compromised recently. Can't cash out, can't authenticate half of the time with sms, buggy app. I wasted money investing into it and can't get out. Hopefully they iron out the issues sooner rather than later, esp before the masses get involved.

  2. when taxis, casino, kebab shops in game? there should be atleast three modes of viewing maps like in google… terrain, 3Dmaps, satelite, still no p2p games, treasure hunting for newbies must be free on visiting and at least 3 times per day. Air/train travels ticket price should be monopolised by devs and any property near it shouldn't get any peny, explorer must travel by given distance cost, but not by visitors charge…. when wallpapers on my properties… it's boring to see those green houses for sale… where a chat in game? but yeah, this lama game can be top one day… don't make it lame

  3. Heyy that's me! 😀 If you have any questions feel free to ask me when I'm live over on twitch, even if I'm not streaming upland at that time. I'm trying to be more active all over the place and with my recent tournament out of the way I'll be around more to help out 🙂

  4. Hi ladz !! Thanks for everything, appreciate your project 👌
    It would be cool to have a proper translation in French for the clues and announcement, because onestly, its a pain to understand for French players … 😘😘😘
    Ps : Crypticon in the game 😉

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