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  1. one of my first experiences was when I sold my first cleveland property just a few days after starting the game or when one of the many treasures gave me one of my first 2000UPX

  2. My favorite memory of upland is participating in my first new city opening with New Orleans. Watching properties getting minted and looking over the speculation about which places would end up in a collection. Although I didn't do that well on my speculations, it was exciting to watch the process and then follow along on the discord chats with property owners who just knew they had the right angle to make it big.

  3. My favorite memory in Upland is when I started playing and bought my first lands. I was very excited to get started, this metaverse world has gripped me for a long time, and upland gave many of us a chance to get off to a good start. I'm excited to share it, and glad to know that many more people feel the same way. Thank you very much for everything you give us.

  4. My favorite memory in Upland is when I started playing and bought my first land and got my first collection in Staten Island. Shortly after I learned to hunting for treasures, I have enjoyed every minute. I'm super excited to open the Bronx and see what the future holds!

    Many thanks. I really love this game !!

  5. My favorite memory in Upland has been the fact that I started in the game together with my girlfriend, we live in different cities and this game has been a very nice way of spending time together. We discuss strategies and ways of improving on the game, it has been awesome.

  6. Hey just joined a couple months ago, already a full Uplander! It's been great, most excited for the now available property to USD feature. I'm not entering this contest, but good luck to all of you who did! 😃 -MMD

  7. My favorite memory still in the future, the best is yet to come!!!! But so far, I've a good one when I was able to sell my first property… this sensation to be a real trader, a real uplander was the best! Thanks a lot!!!!

  8. My favorite memory of Upland so far has been about the community especially during the work from home/lockdown days of covid. While I wasn't able to go out and do things at home, I meant a great community who gave me a different focus and an escape from a strange time. Whatever happens, Upland will always be a big part of my memories of the last year! Thanks!

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