Upland | TREASURE HUNTING GUIDE | Thousands Of Free UPX With Simple Tricks? | EOS Blockchain Game


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In this video you’ll learn simple tips and tricks of how to go treasure hunting in Upland, a way to earn thousands of UPX for free.



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  1. This doesn't help at all. I get a message saying. "Must start from last known location of trail" but doesn't give me hints where to start. It's just a cash grab

  2. every single time i try to hunt a treasure i get sniped by someone high level players that already have a ton of cash, sends, experience, and other resources, making it damn near impossible for new players to snag one from them.

  3. I’ve tried 3 times now. I don’t understand, the arrow has a direction and I click on the next plot over and it’s out of range.

  4. I suggest that Upland does the next tutorial in a little bit faster speed! I almost got a headache from the fast moving images. I felt like Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie The island, the part when he was running through the forest as if he was in a computer game!

  5. Why is the video skipping over the cost associated with using the SEND command? Trying to hide the fact that it costs to participate in the hunts? Every time a move is done in the video, it never shows the cost to move like it does in the game. You state that hunts are good for new players or a way to make free upx, but it costs to move towards the treasure so how is it free? You should get a certain amount of moves free every day to participate in the hunts.

  6. I just keep trying and keep wasting so much UPX trying to find them and can never find them and its so annoying because I feel like the only way to progress in the game from the beginning is to buy UPX

  7. This video is only helpful for the directions and the distance (barely!) but it doesn’t even go into the cost of searching for these illusive little fuckers. I spent about 200 to find a chest that gave me 120!!! What a joke

  8. It's a son of a B to find the treasures…The games okay but could be WAY WAY less complicated and WAY more enjoyable. It's an annoyance more than anything. The rate that they alot upx is rediculous, if you are new and are expecting the in app tutorials to help..I have found they leave a player no better than they were prior. It's definitely a pay to play game and if you don't play the progression is at a crippled snails pace.

  9. It's complete BS as every time you move to a property you get charged UPX. by the time you can get anywhere near a treasure its cost you more than the treasure is worth…. If you even get that far.

  10. nice scam wow

    spawn for free ? allright i click "yes"
    and then ? it doesnt show up any arrow after i spend 5 upx visiting a property
    5 minutes, time out

    now it cost 20 ups per try , yes 20

    its been now 7 days i didnt get any answer about recent bugs
    my referral didnt get his property in Fresno cuz it was blocked and already owned
    he is there with 4500 upx (useless) and zero property

  11. the player in the video has lots of properties.. all his sends are free until hes very close to it.. I have 15 properties and got 1 pinata in 6 months and it cost me more in sends than what I won..definitively pay to win.

  12. Upland or someone I need help! I have been on this game for a week I have collections already I’m a pro I’m doing everything right! But I absolutely CANNOT move my explorer anywhere! I have tried to send him to train ! Can’t do it! Tryed plane! Can’t do it all it says every time is can’t send him from a different city yet I’m in the same city I’m trying to send him to! I can’t even send him across the street to another lot cause it says different city! This is very annoying! How can I fix this so that I can move him to different city and travel with him to buy land that’s never been bought! Someone please help me if y’all had this problem on how to fix this!

  13. This game blows SO BAD…… Dont put a dollar into it. ONLY the people who got to the game EARLY are the ones benefiting…. as a new player its impossible to get propperty and they dont teach you how to get trasure so I wasted 1100 UPX "spwning" treasure and never found just one. Such a waste of time and money dont for this stupid scam

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