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  1. So that avatar you have or the browser as they call it simply and randomly moves back and forth on part of a global map you select. You can't control which way the avatar goes, you can only move it from city to city, town to town or country to country. Once there, it just randomly moves around. You have no control. As you pass over random properties you may or may not be able to afford, you have to decide if you want to spend actual money to purchase UPX tokens in order to buy that property. Plus you have to be within a certain distance of the property in order to purchase it. The game currency is called UPX, if you pass over a property and only have 1900 then all you can do is simply watch your avatar move over properties you can't afford. If you have less than 2400 UPX and do not wish to stick around and watch an avatar randomly move across a screen of properties you can't afford, then you have no motivation to stay logged on.

    Even with the 6000 UPX bonus you get for signing up, that gets you 2 cheap properties. I spent 20 bucks to buy 4 more properties. After 9 hours my properties earned 3.3 UPX. You also get a daily sign on bonus of 50 upx, up to 300 UPX if you sign on 7 days in a roll.

    Other than that, there's no reason to be logged on. I purchased a treasure box spawn for the town I was in, but I didn't see it, you zoom out, you still don't see it, you zoom out to far enough to see the entire globe, you still don't see it, plus you only have like 3 minutes to find it but then you remember, OH, I can't control my avatar to get to the treasure box anyway, yeah you can visit other properties owned by other players for a fee of 50 to 100 upx to get closer but if you're not in range, I'm assuming you can't collect the treasure box if you're not within a certain distance of it.

    So no more money out of me, I simply bought a few just in case this turns into a memecoin scenario, that really is it's only hope. I could of spent 20 bucks on sim city and had way more fun. This game is not fun. Judging by the youtube views, it's not popular either. I'm starting to think I just threw away 20 bucks.

  2. its a big scam. you cannot cash out. and as the saying goes "if you cant sell it, you don't own it"
    Here is how it works.. Buy fake money using real money to buy fake property, you can technically sell the property for real money but can never trade back your fake money for real money. and the odds of selling a property after you bought it is like hitting a lottery where you probably cant break even. I believe it is just a platform for rich dirt bags to hide their money.

  3. Wow you really guys started off with this sht.🙈 Grab any Nintendo 64 game it's more entertaining then this game and you'll spend a lot less money on this stupid thing 😜 trust my word go buy a video game for 60 bucks unless you want to put it in this game and hopefully later on within 5 years it'll pay off. #fkupland

  4. yeah but whats the point lol

    everyone is building THE metaverse, everyone is building a platform to buy virtual copies of IRL properties, but none of them provide any sane reason to do so

    this is just another cashgrab scam

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