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  1. Is there anyone I can collaborate with to start a virtual world for a gamer owned game that will make it possible for a player to utilize different apps to enter the game. One for building cars, one for building cities, another that is a 1st person shooter that uses the car or building or both to their advantage… etc.

  2. Really really have high hopes for you guys, the idea and execution of Upland is awesome, the community is also great and has been helpful but without them I would be very lost once in past the FSA part. People think they need to put a lot of $ to gain anything but thts not true. Discord is helpful but so many players are just walking around aimless without realizing there's many guides and information people can send to you for strategies. Those are the people who want to be in Upland but don't keep coming back because the progress is slower for them bcuz they haven't met anyone or joined a "node". It is very complex and thts the point but the right information and "ladder to climb" after you rly need the community should be clear. These are great for information but it's not really reaching those opening the game for the first time. Also, it's up to the player to do their DD and truly invest their time to earn! I hope it's truly a model that in the future that I can be a part of 24/7, the fact you're working with the NFL is huge. What a feat, I know because of that you guys have lots of eyes on you. I hope I'm making the right moves now before your game absolutely blows up. I'm pretty sure soon u will have to open more cities fast as heck!

  3. GOLF would be a great pass-time to play in Upland in between buying properties! Just a suggestion. Remember Hot Shots Golf? That was a fun game back in the early Playstation days!

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