Upland | November 2020 Founders' AMA | Spark, Property Development, Future of Upland |


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A full recording of the Upland founders’ AMA on November 6th, 2020. Join #Upland, the earth’s metaverse where you buy, sell, …



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  1. Wow this video has a lot more views than the others I hope this project continues to grow been playing this game for a few weeks now. Glad I got in early.

  2. Your "game" app is a fraudulent pos. Obviously it's making you tons of $$$…but let's address some of the false claims.
    #1. UPX is not exchangeable anywhere, except for our real, hard earned, $USD in the shop, hereto referred to as "The Siphon".
    #2. There are ZERO actual ownership rights of properties, as we are NOT allowed to even LIST "properties" for sale, limited to 2 per week !!!!
    #3. When an offer is made on property the UPX & gas fees are taken from account…regardless of whether or when or if EVER my offer is accepted or not and there is no way to trace offers!! BS!
    #4. Please explain how some members have hundreds of millions of UPX at a per dollar purchase price of $US.0001 only available from shop? These players also have hundreds of properties. There is no competition possible. Are we seriously to believe that these people have purchased these UPX? Unless ALL have purchased @ $.0001, it corrupts the entire value system.
    #5. The limitation of not even conveying an offer when it's not deemed close enough to asking, when prices are completely ARBITRARY, disadvantages users of ownership rights to UPX. Both buyers & sellers. I offer what I offer….or you are biasing the actual ability to utilize MY OWN UPX !! And if someone is making an offer of real value (UPX exchanged for property title) to me, I damn sure want to know, and expect the opportunity to make the decision myself, ORGANICALLY. NOT DICTATED BY BS FALSE LIMITATIONS. You have violated my rights of ownership numerous ways in a game that PRETENDS to offer such !!!!
    #6. There is NEVER treasure on board. Always "regenerating".
    #7. It's 2021.5…how about some ability to manuever avatar, ffs.
    #8. Cyrptocurrency culture is about decentalization. All you have done is set up a centralized USDollar to UPX profit siphon, based on false claims, false advertising, inconceivable limitations & removal of ownership rights of property.
    I do hope the SEC fines you, GooglePlay & Apple stores remove you, and users CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT you.
    How it's playing out is it's making your ass rich.
    Let me see you in real NYC and see if I don't get my real $US investment back.

  3. Ι cannot understand how the passive earnings work. I see expensive properties having very low earnings in comparison with some more affordable ones. How are earnings calculated? Also I cannot see how we can convert our earned uxp to dollars. Eg if I buy lots of properties having a steady income, will I ever be able to withdraw it???? this is quite confusing.

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