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  1. 2022 hopefully see's me putting some of my plans for some of the initial properties I bought in Brooklyn into good use. And maybe even getting a custom building put on one of my Chicago properties. Exciting times ahead!

  2. Some of my Upland Goals for 2022 include:
    – Leveling up to Director Status
    – Hope to snag a MetaMobile 👀
    – Have a portfolio of over 30 properties
    – Have a minimum of 3 collections
    – And to make it BIG in the next, new city hub release!!! (Please be Dallas? :D)

  3. Great video. I'm one of those guys out here trying to do it on my own. Changing that. Goals for this year are to earn my way through the ranks and become part of/develop a player network. Thanks for keeping us informed!

  4. My goals for 2022 are:
    1. Learn and master Blender
    2. Establish my brand and business as a block explorer and ornaments maker
    3. Be an active and contributing member of the community!

    So excited for Upland! Happy New Year!

  5. My goal for 2022 is to become part of a Chicagoan community, get some spark to build a home base and dive in and learn as much as I can and help the community grow. Excited to see what comes in 2022!!

  6. my 2022 Goals

    -trying to expanding my assets, in the scope of numbers and areas.

    -trying to figure out about what memento is, and getting some.

    last but not least,
    wanna thanks to all uplanders, such a great community..

  7. The goal for 2022 is just to keep having fun playing the game. On a side note, i am from Europe and i'm not familiar with American Football, but i am familiar with American Wrestling. It would be great to have some kind of partnership between Upland and AEW. Just Throwing random ideas. Have a good 2022!

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