Upland – How to Travel // How To Use TRAINS & PLANES in UPLAND


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Upland – How to Travel // How To Use TRAINS & PLANES in UPLAND. In this video we review how to travel in Upland using both …



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  1. Hello , is it possible to travel from Brooklyn to Fresno by train? At what station should we board? I've been trying and I don't know how to do it, I can only travel between NY and Brooklyn .. Thanks

  2. It wont let me take the train from Brooklyn to Manhattan with the following message "Sorry but you can't send your explorer to this property from another city". Does the train run during specific hours?

  3. This game is fucking broken. You can never move from your starting position. click on the train one block over and it says can't move to this location from another city. click on an airport and same thing. click on the property next to me can move to this location from another city

  4. i have been trying to get to the airport for an hour, every train takes you in circles, can't do anything without going to San Fran, can't get to Cal without a flight, no in game menu to say, hey heres how to get to jfk, all the game says is nope sorry not from another city, i'm stuck watching my block randomly travel farther away from airport when all i want is to get from manhatan to jfk. how about in stead of an error message saying you can't do that, it's a box with information that says here's how to do that. you want to buy and sell property, have to wait 14 days, want to buy something, have to wait, want to earn something, have to buy something, but wait, want to sell off and be done, have to spend days traveling in circles constantly googling trying to find out how to get to the airport to go to san fran, and I'm sure once i get there i will have to wait to leave to find my way back to airport to struggle to get to ny again. for someone who showed up first day and dropped $200 in game for property and tokens, it has been hell. FYI

  5. I can't leave Queens man. Every time I try to get anywhere in says you can't sent your explorer to this property from another city. Ya I'm missing out on all kinds of Sh:Г because I can't travel to a bus terminal or plane terminal from another city…..WHEN IM IN THE SAME F'IN CITY. I PUT WAYToo much $$ in this game for thias to happen. Spend my free time watching YouTube for a solution that nobody seems to have.

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