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  1. "If you've done your KYC verification with TILLIA?" – you really glaze over the missing piece for most of us there. WTF is TILLIA or a KYC verification, you might want to start there.

  2. Hello, how are you ?
    eetou with a problem in the game i can't send my explore always gives the message even being in the city of my properties

    sorry but you can't send your explorer to this property from another city

  3. so is there a 10 property limit that you can sell for USD? I currently have 10 properties listed for sale using USD, and if I try to list another, it tells me I have reached my limit basically. Is this 10 property limit only for the amount of props you can have LISTED for usd at a time? Or can you only sell 10 properties in the beta.

  4. I cant find anything explaining the KYC part, how to do it or what conditions for it are! I did manage to find out you need to go and register for 'fiat out' at city hall in san francisco which I have done. I also do already have an account with tillia from buying property in usd…but I still dont get the options shown at 0:22 to enable me to sell in USD? Love the game but this is really starting frustrate my playing? And why dont you just give the ability to swap UPX for EOS? Ruining the game guys!

  5. This is how you sign up:

    Step 1: (optional??? not sure) Go to San Francisco -> City Hall (costs 50 upx) and sign up for the property to USD Beta.
    Step 2: Go to Upland official Discord and ask for the google doc/form to fill in for signing up for the property to USD market. (General chat or chat for new players, the community is really nice).
    Step 3: Wait. It can take days to weeks, you'll get an email that says you're signed up. In game you'll also see "USD Balance" appear on your profile.
    Step 4: Go to any one of your properties in game and go to sell and click USD, you'll be prompted to make an account with Tilia. Keep ID and a recent utility bill with your address handy, you need it to verify identity.
    Step 5: wait again, supposedly doesn't take too long. few days,

    Then continue like in the video.

  6. kinda thought sell to crypto would have come first since we have the wax portal option available to import items to the game. Does this buy/sell as cash option give you an estimate on what your property is worth before selling to make a "proper" estimate of what to sell at?

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