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  1. Is there a video on how to get a treasure, I found 1 once, entirely by accident. I can't seem to work out what the arrow means. Is it easier to play on a touch screen?

  2. Ok I have already moved in another city (new york) but now my explorer is stuck on the airport and when I try to send to the closest property he say send not allowed, sorry you can't send your explorer to this property from another city… and the explorer keep do move around the airport don't go out

  3. Hi I followed the recommended property purchase my 1st time in the game. Tried it twice and said I purchased. Then it still shows I have same amount of coins and no assets. Now that I'm moved away when I thought I had purchased I can't seem to find anything in my allowance to start the game… Can I get my original property that I was shown I purchased? 1173 E 52nd St. Brooklyn, NY

  4. Please Help!

    I recently downloaded Upland and started in Staten Island. I tried to move my explorer to Brooklyn, but the Terminal in Staten Island doesn't let me go anywhere. I tried sending my explorer but it always says "Can't send explorer here from another city". I even tried buying a property in Fresno, but it gave me the same message.

  5. Dude can you like share a video that teaches how to play this game? I am trying to mint a grey property which is within my budget but everytime I try it says beyond your budget!!!!

  6. This is brutal, I made it to one airport a bit away from San Fran but cant go to Barkersfield smh How am I gonna go to a place I really want to go to when new stuff opens up?

  7. If I try and move cities it just keeps telling me that I’m not in the right city to move even if I am in Manhattan or Brooklyn I’m trying to get to the airport and it just keeps telling me I can’t move to the airport from that city please help.

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