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A full recording of the Upland founders’ AMA on January 29th, 2021. Join #Upland, the earth’s metaverse where you buy, sell, and …



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  1. How do I build on my properties i been trying to figure it out for days now and there is nothing anywhere to learn how to build. The stuff on Google is laughable and the 1 building video on YouTube here is what it is but it isn't made to learn how to build as it says.

  2. In the travel cost by extremely high air fares it creates 2 classes of people . Only ppl that have more money to put into the game will fly anywhere.i can't afford the plane therfore it will be months if not a year at the rate my properties make $ to afford a plane ticket.i own 9 properties and if I collected from them all all year long I might earn 2500 upx. So it makes no sense. I love the game so far but trying to figure out how to do these things like even build a structure is getting really old.

  3. tried to play your game, i was pretty excited about it from the first time i heard about it. watched bunch of videos, read a bunch of content, created an account, and the disappointment started soon after.

    you've made it incredibly frustrating and difficult to get started. without a significant fiat investment, its nearly impossible. after being affected by both a pandemic and the same recent winter storm you're soliciting donations for in game, i was hoping that with a decent investment of time it would be possible to establish a humble cornerstone to build upon. but i cant get to uplander status to sell the FSA properties i purchased with original 5k and collection bonuses. every 3 hours i can collect a fraction of a single UPX, and have wasted my remaining UPX trying to chase treasure only to get sniped every time by high level players. at this rate it'll take months of collecting my property income every 3 hours just to be able to buy another property that will still leave me thousands away from making uplander and unlocking the ability to even attempt to earn UPX from flipping properties.

    you should just make it pay to start from the get go. i had such high hopes. i dont care if it's P2W, im not trying to win. i just want to be playing and be part of the community… but i can't even play.

  4. Please change the color on properties when they on sale, instead of being blue they can be orange to indicate sale status. Otherwise I have to comb through all my properties to see which I have listed for sale.

  5. It is not possible to play this game without paying for it. They said it's free to play, they give you 6000 UPX to start but the cheapest terrain is 6080UPX, so no, it is not free to play, only free to download

  6. You all should feel horrible about yourselves. This game is difficult to figure out and only cost ppl money. Over a month and not 1 treasure found. But I been charged for the 3 moves im allowed each day and then they say you cannot move anymore.worst 60 or 79$ ive ever spent and just wish I could sell my properties for what I paid to get put the game but nevermind selling properties over a month with about 20 properties and I've yet to even collect a rental fee.lmao Don't be a sucker like me.i had high hopes and thought it sounded cool but its just away to keep ppl buying upx and you'll never actually make money. But these guys will get rich

  7. Check out the Street View for 1733 Sheepshead Bay RD in Upland. Lol I've bought a couple that have a street view that is inside but that one made me laugh.
    It's property size is 130 but if you hit street view it brings you in a little tiny room filled with adult toys lol

  8. I'm still having trouble understanding the purpose of all this. I get it you can buy property and stuff but why? Why would anyone want to buy virtual property?

  9. Really let down by the financial part the video. I think fiat out or crypto out should be a high priority. This is the most important aspect of the game imo and is worth looking into the regulatory concerns. Once they ditch there 3rd part partner and provide an easy way to cash out, than this game will explode. i feel like they are not taking this issue with high priorty. Someone is going to beat them to the punch

  10. i hope there will be a 3D in game like some kind of GTA, when we can uber others, and if no body take it, after 1 minute, an taxi bot will do it
    the uber must stay cheap, car repair must stay cheap also, then you can do many thinks, car dealers, and it would be nice if we could do like in the MAFIA game
    start with the car's of 1900's, then 2 years later car's of 1920's .. and on , and then car can be recycled for a smal amount of upx, and so over time only a few old car's will be left
    and if you recycle that one after many year you get a nft, and if you recylce the car after 10 years you get a special rare nft, so some car model could disappear for the game, because user would have choice keep the old car because it has a lot of value, or get the rare nft

    and also a farming simulator into upland

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