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  1. Why do lots of people ask 5000× the actual going price of a property? You should have limits on what people can ask, and maybe have to stake a percentage of asking price or price is reset and taken off the market. Those people are holding up the game asking millions for lots going for 5,000upx.

  2. Hello. Could you help me? I do not understand the difference between these explorers: Custom Voxel Explorer, Custom Block Explorer and 3D Explorer. I have one Custom Voxel Explorer and one 3 D Explorer but I can not use them because they do not appear into my assets. How could I solve it? Thank you

  3. The information UPLAND.ME put out is so vague… for example "how do we identify which NFT's have block explorers attached??? Or do we just keep buying until we get lucky?"
    Also how doe we link our WAX or EOS wallet to the game????? Uhhh but yeah super helpful video thanks

  4. I would much prefer to see a city release with no issues rather than stuff like this. the core of the game doesn't work right but Upland seem more than happy to push new features out rather than fix the issues! Every city release gets worse with more errors, the KC & Rutherford release has been ridiculous with more issues than we have ever seen. Fix your game!!!!!!!!

  5. Upland Citizen here:
    Will we be able to import any NFT from our digital wallet? Example: Can I import a NFT image to place as decoration within a building? Can we enter these buildings with VR goggles.

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