Upland 101 | ALCATRAZ ISLAND | The First Inmates? | EOS Blockchain Property Trading Game


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Alcatraz Island is where users of Upland who break the rules are sent to reflect on their actions. Join #Upland, the earth’s …



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  1. I did once notice an avatar floating around in SF I think it was that had the J symbol in their information – not good! My avatar is: Waylonfan – P.S.- I absolutely love this game too – fun! 😊👍❤️

  2. So there is one problem I've noticed, I am unable to make an offer to buy a property from someone in alcatraz. So in essence it kinda hurts other players not just the offender. Is it possible to turn it into a forfeiture of properties or something. Or find a way for us to still be able to acquire properties.

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