Truck drivers convoy across Canada in protest of federal vaccine mandates Thous…


Truck drivers convoy across Canada in protest of federal vaccine mandates

Thousands of transport truck drivers are convoying across the country Sunday to protest the current federal vaccine mandate for cross-border travel.

Those involved say the pandemic rules and mandates are destroying the foundation of businesses, industries and livelihoods.

“Everybody has their own choice and their own opinion about it,” says Chris Colenutt, owner and operator of Chris Colenutt Trucking in Essex. “If we shut down the economy, there’s going to be a big problem right?”

In a tweet, Windsor police said a truck convoy is expected to arrive in the Windsor area on Sunday and repeatedly travel Huron Church Road until Jan. 26, urging residents to avoid the area if possible.

Just over a week ago, new policy stated all truckers who cross the border from the U.S. into Canada must be vaccinated to avoid testing requirements and a 14-day quarantine.

“If you’re wearing it, eat it or bought it, it came on a truck and if the trucks aren’t rolling, you’re not getting it,” says Keith Montgomery, a truck mobile mechanic saying the protest is not about anti-vaccination, explaining it’s about freedom of choice. “Yes I’m vaccinated, my whole family is, and again just to stress this out, we’re not a bunch of anti-vaxxers saying we don’t want to get vaccinated.”

“The economy is going to stop and when that economy stops, everybody’s job is affected,” Montgomery adds.

Others like Terry Hopson of Windsor stood along Huron Church Road waving a Canadian flag in support.

“They’re infringing on our freedoms and they don’t have that right,” Hopson tells CTV News he just wants things to return to normal as soon as possible. “I’ll be out here every day if I have to be.”


Source: Ctv Northern Ontario
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