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  1. New world order currency, invented by the cia, you guys took the bait, sure you will be wealthy, but at what cost?. As soon as you choose to go against the law they will freeze your assets and control you based on your greed for money, and don’t even bring up the “hard wallets”. The elite have been waiting for us to convert to this electronic payment system since 2000, it’s just a matter of how many people are backing it, now it is becoming super mainstream. Once the power goes out or the cell towers lose signal, what are you going to use as payment? You gonna buy water and food with your 30 million ETH? Oh shit I can’t even connect to the server😢. Only people who will be using this in the future are people who live in population condensed smart cities, where everything is surveilled, no freedom, no nothing. Just like those dystopian societies we see in sci fi movies. Like honestly, you see how crypto is paired with all these big tech corporations, and you say it’s liberating😂😂😂

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