“They Forget The Future Is Bitcoin” (Why Vivek Is Crypto Megabull)


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2024 is going to be perhaps the most important year in Crypto’s history. Not only are we awaiting the Bitcoin halving, We are …



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  1. Ledger's method can be a way for the SEC to apply the Howey test to any of their hardware wallets private keys.
    A Quick way to check any coins held of been non-securities and help the user move them to a custodial wallet.

  2. Ohhh no we have a new so called Crypto analyst 😂
    Listen buddy I was buying BTC when it was £100….. The truth is… He don't know shit, the only people who know are the one's with the on floor accounts pumping the price. They decide when it pumps and when it dumps…. Leaving you investors fucked…. Learn fibs, RS AND SR flips to get at least a fighting chance 😊

  3. Project 2025. ****** Look it up. **** You cannot trust any of these people they just say what u want to hear.
    They are Liars and. Their agenda is clear to TAKE AWAY your freedom and destroy our American democracy. No joke.

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