The Future of Blockchain Gaming | Upland Co-founder Idan Zuckerman at World Crypto Con


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Upland Co-founder Idan Zuckerman presents ‘Blockchain for Muggles’ at World Crypto Con’s EOS Pavilion – October 31, 2019 …



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  1. Can i just ask, there is no way anyone can win the game by playing it "more" right? There is nothing much to do to "earn" upx unless you pay in to buy upx. My question is: in other normal games, you can play with "hardwork" or more time, if you do not wish to put in dollars but in this game it is a must to put in dollars right? The rental yield for your first property purchased with the free 3000 upx is going to be <1.5% monthly that would take at least 6 years before you can buy a second property in the game… that means all you can do is 1)log in and verify your visa weekly after your first property, 2) You cannot sell the first property until you reach 10,000 upx to reach unplander status which will happen only in 1 year and 4 months if you have not put in any.. So my problem with the game is there is no way for you to earn so you can buy another property soon. This will be too slow for any gamer…

  2. Watching this video just made me want to put more money in. Once we see the world begin to accept cryptocurrency more and more . Companies like Upland will be positioned to dominate.

    Won’t risk the biscuit but i can comfortably put $20 in every time i get paid or so .

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