TDE’s Punch Returns To Suggest That The Superstar Era Is Over: « Nothing Is Sustainable »

TDE's Punch Returns To Suggest That The Superstar Era Is Over: "Nothing Is Sustainable"

After dropping his picks for the next superstars in Hip Hop, Punch now questions if superstars will continue in an age where attention spans are lessening.

After launching a conversation about the next generation of superstars, Terrence « Punch » Henderson returns. The Top Dawg Entertainment icon recently became a trending topic after he posed a question about who the next superstars of Rap could possibly be. « Doja is there. Lil Nas X is there. Possibly Baby Keem and possibly Jack [Harlow] if they keep going, which I’m sure they are, » he offered.

This caused Hip Hop fans to storm comment sections with their choices, and Punch returned to suggest that we may not be living in a world that embraces superstardom like that of generations past.

« It might be over for the superstar. Nothing is sustainable, » Punch tweeted. « Superstars are based off of moments that’s last. Nothing last more than two days now. When Mike Jackson moonwalked across that stage at the motown show, that moment lasted decades. » He then questioned if « oversaturation » was the cause of the « death of the superstar. »

This is an argument that is also discussed in pop culture circles as people debate the new age of celebrity culture. Some have argued that « celebrity » has shifted now that anyone can shoot to stardom thanks to social media. This has affected Hollywood productions as some believe the age of franchises has taken away from the artistically-elevated superstar celebrity era.

Let us know if you agree with Punch and check out his tweets below.

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