Roddy Ricch Previews More New Music After Twitter Hate

Roddy Ricch Previews More New Music After Twitter Hate

Roddy is still keeping the new music coming.

Disregarding the popular notion of attacking artists for clout, Roddy is still previewing upcoming sounds.

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Weeks ago, Roddy Ricch revealed a snippet for an unreleased track on Twitter. This came after weeks of internet users claiming that everything he’s released after the album Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial was « mid. » Roddy took that as a challenge, announcing that a new iteration of Feed Tha Streets would clear all of that up. Instead of improving the situation with listeners on social media, the snippet was swarmed with memes and the web’s popular forms of criticism, with « L’s » under the majority of his tweets.

Understandably annoyed with the current climate of social media, Roddy opted to delete his Twitter account in it’s entirety. While his most recent album Live Life Fast didn’t exactly live up to the hype, people started making outlandish takes and « jokes, » saying he had one of the biggest fall offs in Hip Hop. It seemed as if it was pointless to continue posting to an environment based on clout as a social currency. Even Akademiks came to his defense, strictly due to the angle people were taking.

This newest preview of music came by way of Instagram instead. Produced by ATL Jacob, this snippet sounds much more like the Roddy Ricch the fans are looking forward to hearing:

At a minute long, listeners can get a good glimpse of the direction the song is headed in. With it being posted to his story, the intention behind any comments isn’t to gain a following, which shifts the dynamic drastically. Hopefully, the music that follows can continue to develop and grow.

How do you feel about the new snippet? Share your thoughts below.

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