Queen Elizabeth II Allegedly Hosts Virtual Meeting With UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Queen Elizabeth II Allegedly Hosts Virtual Meeting With UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

CNN claims their Buckingham Palace source refutes Hollywood Unlocked’s report about the Queen passing away this week.

There has seeming been a battle between Hollywood Unlocked and Buckingham Palace this week after the outlet claimed that Queen Elizabeth II had died. The royal was reportedly recently diagnosed with COVID-19, and on its Instagram page, Hollywood Unlocked stated that their sources confirmed that the Queen was no longer alive.

The report spread like wildfire, although many were confused after there wasn’t an official announcement to follow. Conflicting reports ran rampant, and Hollywood Unlocked’s founder, Jason Lee, resurfaced to double down on his report. He stated that he stands by his sources and did not recant his original story.

Meanwhile, there is a suggestion that this latest snafu has caused the Queen’s team to ensure to the world that the Queen is still breathing. According to CNN, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson revealed that although Queen Elizabeth II was still « suffering mild symptoms after her positive COVID-19 diagnosis, » she continued with her weekly meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The outlet reported that the meeting was held virtually.

Johnson’s visit was supposed to be in person but was canceled due to current government guidelines, a royal source told CNN.The Queen on Tuesday canceled her planned virtual engagements but would continue with what the palace called « light duties. » Light duties likely refer to her head of state responsibilities such as reading and answering documents and letters, which she receives daily in her famous red despatch boxes.

Meanwhile, Buzzfeed News reported that this all may be a misunderstanding. This week, Queens of the Stone Age singer  Mark Lanegan reportedly passed away and Buzzfeed suggests that is where lines may have crossed. 


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