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  1. I have a problem is there anything you could suggest or even better if you make a video on mined coins sent to ledger nano S and how to retrieve them or how to send them to an exchange. I made this mistake, before I found out that mined coins cannot be sent to ledger nano S. I had coins in this ledger before the mined coins were sent, and now I can't do anything with either of them, as no transaction will go through, not even a small one. I have been through ledger's help, tried all the steps as they mentioned, but nothing happens, email to ledger is a waste of time. If you could please suggest anything.

  2. But what happens if Ledger goes bankrupt AND I lose my Nano? Can I access my crypto from a different company’s device? Probably a basic question, sorry

  3. hi AJ . could you talk about the arculus card ? what the steps look like putting funds on the card , but also , what it looks like putting those funds back into your hand . sorry i’m an old visual learner . thanks

  4. Ledger raises the price too high for this trash. Made of super cheap quality materials doesn't justify the price. The OLED of my ledger blanked out entirely. It's the cheapest looking OLED screen I've seen and has a high chance of failure. Terrible company.

  5. The Ledger Nano auto creates a seeded, 24 word password when configuring the device. How can you know for sure that the Ledger company themselves didn’t install these passwords and actually has back door access to all ledgers? Anyone ever think about that?

  6. Answer me this, how do you place crypto on the ledger that is on the eth network that isn't directly supported by ledger Live, every 'tutorial' seems to gloss over this

  7. Where can I hire you to be my personal tutor to figuratively hold my hand and personally walk me through the process step-by-step? I mean personally walk me through it. In person.

  8. I recommend, sending a small test amount before the entire large amount. Send for example 10.45 of Eth to Eth. Confirm the ledger received the Crypto. Then you know the communication is working. Then send the additional crypto. Large amounts may be broken into transmission sections. The transactions fees are a small price to pay to make sure your really transferring to the correct address.

  9. Please don't just look at the first and last characters… My brother had an incident where he copied and pasted an eth address on ledger live as he was moving funds within ledger and the middle of the address was different somehow but the first and last characters were the same… So he ended up losing 50k gala… And when he contacted ledger support because the address got messed up on ledger itself and it was their mix-up, they refused to take any responsibility and said there's nothing they can do about it…

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