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  1. Stop bum rushing the releases which becomes a mess anyway. Open properties in trickle so we have something to do on the game during the week. I don't even play till a release, I'd imagine most are the same

  2. this is a huge thing and yet a day after the video has been released, only 1,2k people have seen it.. Obviously there aren't many active players in the game, which is normal since now you can't do much in the game except flip properties..

  3. Possibilities are endless… imagine someone making a GTA style game based on this meta verse and you already own the property that will be featured in the game + that same property can be used across thousand other developments. Buy premier property NOW because those plots will pay heavy dividends later. #DevelopNYC

  4. I wonder if there will ever be real world ownership of available properties that groups in upland can go in on together and when they sell in the real world we as investors can get profit. To be honest I think this would save the housing market. Just a thought🤔💭 Foreclosure bankruptcy etc. 😌💭

  5. I saw Dominos partnered with a meta verse that lets you order pizzas in app. Will Upland ever do any brand partnerships like that where if you own a Pizza Hut location geographically, you can open up a digital Pizza Hut in app where brands can cut you a commission for Uplanders ordering real pizza within the app?

  6. If we can go in together as investors on real world properties we can back real world development which gets lenders to approve contracts and this could potentially help realors in the long run and we can profit once it sells💭💭💭 Sorry I know this is your project but I have many ideas.

  7. I don't think we should call this AMA if it is just an update or even better a presentation of the coming features. I like that way of preview but an addtional AMA would be just great because there are so many questions unanswered.

  8. Actually, you can buy the structure without the property in the real world, it would be a lease for a premium. But I like the way Upland is moving and perhaps for the moment this is a level of complication that is not required.

  9. They need to replace UBX with a worthwwhile token coin, Spark is a good move, but we need a coin that everyone knows, and have value, that you can use it in many ways.

  10. What about prefab.idk where your from but prefab houses that are towed and dropped on the land in sections happens around me all the time..really didn't matter because after months of waiting I still can't build on my props or sell for fiat.and both are the only reasons I invested in this game. For months now they all just keep saying its coming soon.well soon to me is a cpl days not a few months. On no reality is a 3 months soon.and they have plenty of inexpensive to impenetrable it if they didn't keep adding new cities to make themselves $ and screw over the community.

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