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  1. i would be very disappointed if the guy who wrote ETHs white paper, and set up on his own, failed. DOT has to succeed, or the only decentzd layer 1s left are ADA, AVAL and SOL, and weve gone off SOL…

  2. Dude what are you talking about? Parity co-founder Bjorn Wagner stepped up to CEO role and Gavin keeps title of Chief Architect. He's been coding since he was like a baby. Makes sense. He wants to build during the crypto winter…

  3. Changing to the “Early architect” role is code for the project morphing from a securities to a software, as per recent announcement. We will see more project founders take up this role title Arthur from Tezos already did.

  4. Polkadot was a horrible experience for me. By the time I decided to be done with it I was not surprised that it took 4 months for me and wallet support folks to get mine unstaked.
    Maybe Gavin is moving to the tech team to fix the problems.

  5. The money and hype phase is over for crypto. For the projects that want to go on and be the next amazon, this is the moment where you focus hard on the tech and push forward. Good sign I think

  6. The last bull market FTX pumped the crap out of Luna and Solana leaving Polkadot on the sidelines and then WRECKING SOLANA AND LUNA, blessing in disguise, thats why DOT never seemed to run with all the good news, where is that analysis BIT TIT.

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