Minneapolis police chief who oversaw department through the turmoil of George Fl…


Minneapolis police chief who oversaw department through the turmoil of George Floyd’s murder to retire

MINNEAPOLIS — Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said Monday he will retire next month, another blow to a department still in crisis after the murder of George Floyd by one of his officers.

Arradondo, a veteran beat officer who rose up the ranks and was appointed the city’s first Black chief in 2017, had been credited with trying to transform a department long accused of racism and brutality, especially against residents of color.

He quickly fired the four Minneapolis officers implicated in Floyd’s May 2020 slaying, and later made headlines when he testified against Derek Chauvin, the first of the officers tried and convicted of Floyd’s murder.

But Arradondo, 54, acknowledged at a news conference Monday that Floyd’s killing and the unrest that followed, including the burning of a police station, had ultimately taken a personal toll. Though Mayor Jacob Frey and other community leaders had pressed the chief to stay on for another three-year term as the city tries to reshape its approach to policing, Arradondo said he would leave the department in mid-January.

“After 32 years of service, I believe that now is the right time to allow for new leadership and perspective, new focus and new hope to lead the department forward in collaboration with our communities,” Arradondo said.


Source: Washington Post (full article)
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