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  1. I think that properties with buildings on them should continue to receive 17.3% per annum of their mint value, even as the rental yield of undeveloped properties gets reduced to 14.7%.

    At the moment building have little utility, we're just constructing buildings based on faith now. Holding the rental yield of properties with building at 17.3% would be the first step towards giving buildings some kind of objective utility – while also increasing the value of Spark simultaneously.

  2. The whole Spark-> Property Development mechanic that has been used greatly deflated my need to log in regularly. Waiting for over a month to develop one single property (out of the many hundreds that I have) has changed my perspective of Upland completely. Now if I wait too long to log in, I might suffer from the log in UPX cap…. wow, this really makes me want to tell others about the wonderful game of Upland. Under the current game Spark mechanic, I will never see my portfolio fully developed in less than 10 years. Until, that is, you then have us spend more money to boost the build time. In my opinion, the Upland Businesses should have been implemented a year ago, but you guys chose quantity over quality.

  3. Freely giving out Spark when people are paying a high premium for it on the store is risky. I hope the spark I have purchased is worth it in the long run considering how much it was. I agree that buildings hold little utility, we should get 20% return on the property with buildings and 15% without.

  4. So the rich players in Upland get a free block explorer shop and on top of that they don’t have to pay dues… how is that any help to the economy? Forcing the poor players of the game to pay dues while the rich don’t have to? Broken ass logic Upland team…

  5. I need help I am new to this community and trying to do well only have one property and is trying hard to do my best thank u in advance for your assistance can you send me upland me something please thank you

  6. I heard in the near future we will be able to open a business and sell our own NFT's from our properties?
    We don't want to buy stupid Block Explorer's?? We want to upload and sell our own NFTs for UPX or $. Building is a waste of time and money if no business use or sale value incorporated.
    Say I have a clothing store in SF and want to upload my own NFT clothing designs for sale or a sports shop near Yankee Stadium I want to sell my own products? is this possible or going to happen?

  7. I invested 5k so far love the game although: for the love of God add a favorites or save button for properties we want to go back and buy later. the Spark thing is a nightmare to understand and how to buy? I dont want to go to discord to deal with people what for? Add spark for trade or sale directly. building is confusing and pointless if no business or sale comes out of it.

  8. On the first day of the Upland metaverse, We should start "17% Protests" and make them return us the 17% we were promised. They can change new properties value to 1% for what I care BUT we had an agreement for 17% and we bought with real money and they better stick to it or they will have hell on their Metaverse streets. We the People of Upland need to layer up when this Metaverse starts. We should make Metaverse court and defend our rights. If we let them take our money whenever they want then we are doomed from the beginning

  9. I am a small investor, I have some properties, but I really do not understand their game, they must explain better, it is not intuitive. I don't believe in metaverseS, it's not that I don't understand them, I don't believe in them. I believe that the world of cryptocurrencies must connect with reality and not the other way around. But since I am usually wrong in the short term, I bought some properties.

  10. Sounds like they're trying to mint UPX as a cryptocurrency down the road. There's hardly any spark involved or seen by the average investor/player. But, sure. Let's focus on the value of UPX by adding scarcity. How about more and better uses for it? Why the need for spark in that case? Why not just use UPX for everything? And find a better purpose for spark down the road?

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