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  1. Good content. Tell about Metaverse, what do you think about metaverse game? Like Zombie World Z. I playing and see gameplay is attracting, many event like hunt boss give good profit. Maybe 3 weeks ROI

  2. The Facebook meta idea is a cool one but kills the idea of web 3.0 .. when do we get Contents on how to spot great new project's?. Been following this blockchain game called puzzles crusade and it's growth is big in just few days, I would like to know what you think

  3. @PuzzlesCrusade goal is to embark millions of people to the blockchain gaming ecosystem. They aim for mass adoption. They will create a user-friendly medium that will attract a large number of players.

  4. "someone has to create the logo and code". Are you fking serious? Thats the most dump thing I ever heard. Only something created by god is decentralized, sure. Ether bitboy has no clue what decentralized means or he wants to scam people and shill altcoins.

  5. I am 76 years young serial entrepreneur that has NEVER played video games but once and I stayed up for three straight days and nights in 1998 or 1999 till I gone through every level! Knew then I could not get involved with these games as an OCD!

    HOWEVER I have a dome manufacturing business that I see how using the metaverse combo of virtual and augmented reality could be a game changer for selling the Raptor Dome Kits™.

  6. Nah bruh. Facebook has been one of the main reasons for my families success in real estate. 100% Facebook is just scoffed on by those who cant figure out how to utilize it. Get gud.

  7. This entire video is a giant joke. Decentralization is very real. Your examples of centralization were not examples at all.

    The truth is. Eth is the ONLY scalable decentralized solution. YES that is a fact. Every other chain is centralized and most nodes are owned by the chain companies. UNLIKE. Eth. Also btc cant scale. Eth will be able to one day. It is THE ONLY one that currently has a shot at that.

    Not to mention the entire point of DeFi is decentralization. IT HAS NO PURPOSE OTHERWISE. Therefor if decentralizationn is not the goal of EVERY project. Then that project is actually 100% worthless in the space and doesnt need to exist.

  8. Years ago when facebook was launching everyone said the samething anout Facebook. I disagree that meta will fail. Because no matter what device u buy facebook is pre installed. And i dont like it either but it helps with a lot of business in mu country and i know ppl personally who have been using facebook for marketing and business. I think with some tweaking it will work.

  9. Metaverse will be a flop… have you people never been in a call of duty lobby before?

    A bunch of N words and incels trolling people. Yall aint ready for no metaverse. Its either gonna be censorshipverse or a jungle.

  10. I think the concept of regulation has been misunderstood by a lot of people in crypto, in blockchain, and in tech, generally. But realistically, it’s the only way that individuals can create a meaningful contract to live together in a collective environment.

    Running a regulated metaverse, as is the Concordium network's vision, will come to be very appreciated a lot sooner than we think.

  11. Damn this was one of my favorite streams. Awesome conversation with a natural back and forth. Definitely wanna see this concept throughout all of the BitBoy channels. Home run with Babe Ruth of Bitcoin and MetaMoney 💯✊🏻 JimmyVoid BronxBitcoinBulls VoidsGymBxNY FiveOposse SitdowntalkingTruth 💪🏻

  12. no mention of Microsoft, who owns Xbox? Surely Microsoft will come from left-field in the Metaverse race and claim the MetaCrown due to its wide cast net dominance over the gaming world? There is zero chance Microsoft is NOT working on a metaverse platform. It just hasn't blown its load early like facebook meta has. Also, lets not forget Microsoft has the boomers in their widely cast net, ie. with their office 365 products. Microsoft Teams. Wouldn't surprise me if links between entertainments & the business world start to develope and all of a sudden people find themselves 'working' and 'playing' and 'socialising' in the Metaverse and they never consciously joined it. Microsoft have the user base. & tech & hardware dominance. to pull this off you can deny it.

  13. Advice for the new crypto investors. Crypto is a roller coaster and can test your patience. Some people will give you immature ignorant comments. Projects like Shib can make you some returns. But they wont be the pie in the sky promises that some would have you believe. That ship has sailed a while ago. New projects that are still near their release pricing like Chihiro Inu and Terareum still have a bunch of growth ahead of them. It can be a challenge to find the undiscovered gem. The top 10 crypto's will make you money over the long term. But it wont be a crazy gain in the short term that so many are looking for.

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