MASS BITCOIN CRASH (LOWEST Price for Ethereum & Altcoins)


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In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We’ll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets …



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  1. It's 25% 1984 and 75% A BRAVE NEW WORLD. Pull your kids out of public school. Homeschool your kids. Grow your own food. Run for office locally. Have your buddies run for office too. Take over your towns. Change from within.

  2. I took your advice on LUNA . . . stayed well clear, not. picked up 100,000,000 coins at $10.80 USD per 9,000,000 – 0.00000112 .. . . . now selling them off $549 per 9,000,000 Choice

  3. Love the show. Catch it every day and Twice with Around The Blockchain.
    Why is XRP such a favored crypto when it is so centralized? Doesn’t it defeat the whole plan to move closer toward decentralization?

  4. The circulating supply was increased from 247m to 300billion which means for Terra to be $1, it will have to reach a market cap of $300billion and its current about 600m which is a 500x increase in market cap. IMPOSSIBLE and UNREALISTIC!!!

    Even if Luna pulled it’s best return ever, it will max be $0.01 if it got tooo lucky after a few years of healing. That’s is IF it did so. There is more chances of BTC going to a $200,000 than LUNA reaching 10cents again.

    I lost $500 in this dead fish

  5. some of your best work is when you talk about the corruption and disgusting nature of institutions like BlackRock, world economic forum etc. Very important conversations! hope you don't get censored for it.

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