Labour Unions ‘Disappointed’ After BC NDP Government Delivers Only Half of Recom…


Labour Unions ‘Disappointed’ After BC NDP Government Delivers Only Half of Recommended 10 Paid Sick Days

While five paid sick days provides ‘immediate help’, labour leaders say it ‘falls well short’ of what workers and public health experts called for

British Columbia is finally making paid sick days permanent, but the province’s labour unions say the BC NDP government’s new policy is “inadequate.”

On Wednesday, BC Premier John Horgan announced the province will introduce five paid sick days starting January 1, 2022.

The province brought in an emergency sick leave program on a temporary basis earlier this year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. BC previously had no paid sick days.

“BC becomes the first province in Canada to legislate this level of paid time off for workers who fall ill,” said a media release from the Premier’s Office. “This new workplace protection applies to all workers covered by the Employment Standards Act, including part-time workers.”

Every worker should be able to take a sick day when they need it.

Beginning on January 1, BC will be the first province in with a minimum of five days of paid sick leave every year.

While workers now get access to five paid sick days as opposed to zero paid sick days, the province’s labour unions say the change falls short of international standards.

“This is an important achievement for public health and safer workplaces,” said BC Federation of Labour President Laird Cronk in a statement. “But we’re disappointed that it’s only half the 10-day standard that science supports and that is the overwhelming preference of British Columbians.”


Source: Press Progress
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