Kanye West & Netflix’s « Jeen-yuhs » Debuted Number One On The Streaming Platform

Kanye West & Netflix's "Jeen-yuhs" Debuted Number One On The Streaming Platform

Act 1 of the « jeen-yuhs » documentary was a smash hit.

Since the announcement of a Kanye West-centered documentary, fans and critics alike have been anticipating what the film would be composed of. With Act 1 of « jeen-yuhs » now released, it seems like the people received everything they wanted and more.

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The first iteration of the « jeen-yuhs » documentary has had viewers raving about it since the moment it became viewable on Netflix. Roughly a week before, dedicated fans were able to catch a showing in select theaters closest to them, to the same tune of awe and wonder about Kanye’s struggles to be seen as a bonafide rapper. Social media sites were flooded with reactions, responses, and reflections, detailing the many feelings and opinions on the behind-the-scenes footage of Ye’s turbulent journey. The consistent conversation pushed the film into debuting at number one on Netflix.

Not only did fans enjoy it, peers in rap have spoken on how « jeen-yuhs » has impacted them since viewing it. One such peer, North Carolina representative and Dreamville label head J. Cole, sung high praises for the in-depth documentation: « Thank you for this @kanyewest@coodierock phenomenal vulnerable powerful sad inspirational insightful wonderful masterful. Grateful to have watched. »

Kanye thanked him with an Instagram post of his own:

The « jeen-yuhs » documentary has had an impact on Ye’s numbers as well, giving his debut album The College Dropout a massive boost in recent plays. The song « All Falls Down » has benefitted the most from the film thus far, as a scene of Roc-A-Fella Records staff disregarding Kanye’s classic track prior to its release became the most talked about scene on the internet.

The video referenced in Ye’s original post is by KanyePodcast, who documents Ye related information. You can watch it below:

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