Kanye Calls Out Kim Kardashian, D.L. Hughley, Pete Davidson, & Media Outlets In Latest Rants

Kanye Calls Out Kim Kardashian, D.L. Hughley, Pete Davidson, & Media Outlets In Latest Rants

He claims Kim kept their kids from Sunday Service, said Pete targeted him on « SNL, » and seemingly called Hughley a « random has been. »

Now that it looks like both Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson will be openly reacting to Kanye West on social media, the Rap icon has returned with a vengeance. Some believed that now that Kim has been declared legally single and West has appeared publicly with girlfriends Julia Fox and Chaney Jones, the world would receive fewer updates from the rapper about his ongoing divorce. However, that isn’t the case, as we witnessed after screenshots of Davidson’s texts with West were shared online.

Additionally, the trailer for The Kardashians on Hulu began to circulate and in it, viewers saw Kim make claims that her estranged husband told her that her career was over. The reality star mogul is also seen being asked about Davidson as she fired off a few text messages with a grin on her face.

West was back on Instagram as he shared a photo of three pins—one of Kim, one of Kanye, and one of an animated green alien—along with a caption about being « allowed » to see his children last week. West spoke about being the « priest » of his home and wrote « God is still alive, » but Kardashian jumped in. she told him to stop the narrative that he is being kept from his children because he picked them up for school that morning.

The news of the exchange, which is one of the first the pair has engaged in publicly within the last few months, spread like wildfire, but West isn’t happy with the way he is being perceived. On Instagram once again, West shared screenshots of reports and directly targeted the outlets. OK Magazine shared Kim’s response with a caption that reads, « #KimKardashian is done. » West penned a lengthy reaction.

« My kids were not allowed to go to Sunday Service yesterday and there’s multiple times where the schedules were changed last minute Which alienated me as a parent which is illegal thank God My family has been broken My name has been dragged and dropped The boyfriend been trying to play with me since SNL skits I was called a stalker by random has beens There’s multiple attempts to gas light me SKETE called this “legally single” person my wife I am not ramped up I successfully avoided doing anything that would give them reason to put a restraining order on me She think it’s funny to try to drive me over the edge but I didn’t let them Y’all can’t judge my state of well being based on the amount of time I leave an instagram post up or me using my platform to ensure that I stay consistent in my children’s lives A lot of baby mamas play like this across the world But nobody finna play with me or my children I know that Kim and SKETE are pawns in a bigger game Lord forgive them I made those videos because she ignored my text about bringing my children to church then had her boyfriend text me and brag about being in bed with ‘my wife’ Then tell me ‘he could help me.' »

Perez Hilton also was on the receiving end of West’s ire. Check it out below.

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