Kangol Kid A Hiphop founder has left us Thank you Kangol Kid Coming up in t…


Kangol Kid

A Hiphop founder has left us 🕊
Thank you Kangol Kid 👊🇭🇹🙏

Coming up in the 80’s, Kangol and Utfo paved the way for an insane amount of rap artists.

Sway credits Kangol and Utfo for being one of the groups who helped bring that rappin’/singin’ style to the surface and for bringing notoriety to rap music in the process, because their music was so commercially accessible.

Born Shaun Fequiere in Brooklyn, New York, Kangool is credited as being one of the first Haitian-American hip hop stars. He began his career as a B-Boy with his dance partner Doctor Ice (Fred Reeves). Kangol lent his skills to fellow New York crew Whodini, appearing in their ‘Freaks Come Out At Night’ music video.

Kangol eventually went on to form UTFO in 1983 with Doctor Ice, Mix Master Ice and Educated Rapper, the latter who died in June 2017.

The outfit’s breakout song was 1984’s ‘Roxanne Roxanne’, noted as being one of the best diss tracks in the scene after a then-14-year-old- Roxanne Shanté from nearby Queens, New York, assumed the song’s character and responded to UTFO with a diss. Ultimately, the exchange would become The Roxanne Wars, marked as one of hip hop’s first diss wars.

UTFO and the Real Roxanne would share concert bills.

UTFO released four Top 200-charting LPs throughout the 1980s, including their 1985 self-titled debut, ‘Skeezer Pleezer’, ‘Lethal’ and ‘Doin’ It!’.

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