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  1. I really dont understand how you guys can kick Ben off his own channel ?
    Are you guys a bunch of dogs or what the hell has happened?
    I hope everyone unsubscribes

  2. I haven’t liked a single BitBoy Crypto video since Ben’s ouster but I caved on this one due to Deezy’s SBF custody jokes, I couldn’t resist and hate to punish Deezy for something he most likely had nothing to do with 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  3. I’m done with the show. They have XRP listed as their number three stack on the right side of the screen. They also use XRP Headlines in their videos. Then they make jokes and downplay any positive XRP news. These guys Soli use XRP For Clickbait to get more views. They are simply disingenuous, and disappointing. Just a group of Maxis.

    DEEZY you are fake… if you guys don’t like Ripple and XRP, Then why give them any publicity at all? smh

  4. Y'all need to bring back then it stopped being pricks like you're better than everybody else…
    Also who didn't f**** know that JPMorgan Chase was going to try to come in and offer blockchain.
    Gary Gensler has been working on their behalf. Screw JP Morgan in their blockchain

  5. bring back Ben boys (Hope you appreciate the alliteration). I understand there are a lot of logistics but better to do this before it's too late. everyone loves a comeback! Would hate to see the channel fall, but without Ben, this is highly likely.

  6. I bet they dont even read these comments. This is brutal. I agree with @Danielhopkins7023. Deezy you can't run from this. We need to hear your opinion on the matter. If not just start your own channel before you tie the knot. I'd watch and sub if you didn't play a role in the coupe d' è tat. Graduations by the way.

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