‘It’s Cheap And Dismissive To Say I’m Off My Meds’

'It's Cheap And Dismissive To Say I'm Off My Meds'

In recent years, Ye (aka Kanye West) has been open about dealing with bipolar disorder. Perhaps most notably, on his 2018 Ye track “Yikes,” he says, “That’s my bipolar sh*t, n****, what? / That’s my superpower, n****, ain’t no disability.” Since then, though, some people have decided to use his mental health against him and Ye is tired of it.

In an Instagram post last night, Ye called out Billie Eilish for seemingly dissing Travis Scott’s handling of the Astroworld Festival tragedy, when she paused a recent concert because a fan was having an urgent health issue. “I wait for people to be OK until I keep going,” Eilish said on stage. Ye noted, “I NEED BILLIE TO APOLOGIZE BEFORE I PERFORM.”

(Eilish responded, by the way.)

He followed that post quickly by sharing a screenshot of a comment that’s presumably representative of many comments he received on the previous post and others over the years. The user wrote, “Man’s off the meds album gonna go crazy.” Ye captioned the post, “THE WORLD IS RACIST SEXIST HOMOPHOBIC AND CRAZY PHOBIC AT OUR CORE ITS CHEAP AND DISMISSIVE TO SAY IM OFF MY MEDS ANYTIME I SPEAK UP PHOBIA IN THIS SENSE DOESN’T MEAN BEING AFRAID OF IT MEANS NOT GIVING POWER TO LETS BE MORE CONSCIOUS AND NOT WRITE EACH OTHER OFF SO EASILY.”

Indeed, some comments on the Eilish-targeted post use Ye’s mental health for punchlines. Examples include, “why is kanye having his midlife crisis on instagram feed,” “Bro has lost his mind,” “are u good?,” “oh he’s really lost it,” “Lmao u r manic beyond compare,” “take your meds baby,” and “Kanye take your meds pls…”

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