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  1. Please stop all this FUD around Shiba Inu and concelebrate on researching cryptos that can help people make big money. Or maybe, it seem you miss out of Shiba Inu similar to Cardano that you missed and later you invested in Cardano with a huge sum. The same I believe you will definitely do to Shiba Inu later in future

  2. I watch your videos regularly, you did say you needed to look at SHIB slower, told TJ maybe we need to buy some, because it was doing better than expected and it had more development than other memes. You wear shirts with SHIB logos. Pick a side and stay there, crapping on some peoples' hopes for entertainment purposes should be below you. Everyone says this is for entertainment purposes only and they shouldnt buy off your guidance, this is just a disclaimer for not being sued/liable from angry followers. But you say you are trying to help. If you cover the shitty side of coins' news you could spend the same efforts when the coin is doing something good. like SHIBs development efforts. you arent interested in the coin unless is crappy news. thats what people get pissed about. report both sides or dont report. i dont think you realized how many new vids you have on bad side of projects but arent reporting the good things too. Thats where people think you are FUDing their projects. if you only shit on them they think you FUDing, even if you report facts. bring balance

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