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  1. Omg they are making this game a worthless collectables game. Supply and demand. There is going to be an endless supply of these year after year making everything in this games value go to basically zero.

  2. It’ll be rad if one day Uplander’s can go to stadiums on game-day and watch the game play out in MV3D : Track every play & player stat and then with only minimal lag from realtime see it play out on the field in 3D simulation.

  3. I love following the NFL and have been using Upland since the beginning, but man this seems way convoluted and way too many additional collectibles to be able to follow or even have ones that you "want". I think this needs to be way simplified. Loved seeing NFLPA partnership but I don't even know how to follow this and feel like I spent more UPX on a legits package full of nothing than I could have on a UPX generating property

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