How The Government Picks Winners and Losers (Accredited Investor Laws SCAM)


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The deck is STACKED against the retail investor in the traditional stock market. This is not just because the whales have more …



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  1. I remember applying to be an accredited investor back when I had no idea what the qualifications were. I just knew I could get into the markets earlier. Quickest 50 dollars I ever wasted filing the application fee 🤣

  2. This is exactly what me and my dad have been ranting about for months because we tried to invest in icos only to find out that there was no way for us. Gotta love how being educated isn't even the requirements to make intelligent investment is just already being rich…

  3. It's so fucked how huge social media influencer talk about this stuff and these shady institutions just go on like it's business as usual, cuz it literally is. They shrug it off as they act like oh well peasant, that's just the natural order of things. It's sickening

  4. You are stuck with me, Ben. I have been a loyal subscriber to your channel for 2 years, and it has paid off! The Bit Squad is my go to channel to keep me focused and informed. Thanks for what you do so well.

  5. WRONG on one thing, misinformation, you don't have to have a "million in the bank" to be accredited, just a net worth of a million, big difference, a little bit of education will get you a million pretty quick in real estate which you are in the process of finding out now that you are diversifying into real estate. All that being said I don't agree with the law

  6. It's well out there now that what these governments do is make backhand deals with companies and startups they allow to succeed. Then they saddle the rest with legislative BS so they can't work and the one they've got deals in wins. The more that comes out about the SEC the more I think this lawsuit is part of the great awakening and must happen. I am a little concerned though because the SEC might win just to show us this corruption is happening. This will be bad for the price of XRP.

  7. This country and its CRONIES are a joke!! Yellon and camp only care about there own pockets not the slave driving tax paying middle class American 🤦‍♂️ Gotta move

  8. I figured out, the best way of investing, is not to take financial advice from a u tuber who was conned . Who still didn’t realise when he was spouting “last chance to 100k before Xmas”. What’s the best was to sell at a low top with no retail investors around.

  9. Welcome to XRP army Bitboy 👍🏼
    I have ETH but as it’s coming to light about the ‘whales’ and that BTC is not going to be PoS and not very energy efficient I’m more and more all in on XRP and XLM

  10. Yep – This has been a pain in my heel since I understood it. The regular stock market is stacked against us. And now Kraken has removed our ability to long or short unless we have accredited investor status. The SCC is criminal.

  11. thats why im so sick of hearing how free this country is nothing is free i work my ass off just to be broke and pay for some rich assholes bad credit aka inflation and take a test bullshit what is school 4 they had 12 years to teach us about finances

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