(HAÏTI) Three months after Haiti quake, a different way of rebuilding takes shap…


(HAÏTI) Three months after Haiti quake, a different way of rebuilding takes shape

A building evaluator assesses an earthquake-damaged home in Les Cayes, Haiti, with equipment that measures the cracks and gives an estimate of the amount of material needed. At the end of the detailed assessment, the evaluator places a QR code on the entryway door. 

The homeowner can then scan it with her smartphone to view the extent of the repairs and their status in the system. This is how Dr. Kit Miyamoto, CEO of Miyamoto International, describes the effort to help rebuild the town shaken by the 7.2 magnitude quake in August.

“Pretty ingenious, isn’t it,” says Miyamoto, whose company is contracted to work with Haiti’s Ministry of Public Works (MPTPC). “[Their] public works engineers are now using state-of-art, first-of-its-kind technology for post-disaster assessment.” 

The three-month anniversary of the 2021 earthquake, in many ways, marks the transition between the past and present responses to Haiti’s natural disasters. 
The Past: 2010, with its myriad of mistakes, after countless lives perished. No disaster response plan, poor building practices, lack of construction codes and millions of dollars — earmarked for the U.S. government’s promise to build back better — squandered.

The Present: 2021, with a different look from the outset. Again, too many people killed — almost 2,200 according to the Pan American Health Organization — and more than 130,000 homes damaged or destroyed. But, a markedly cautious response, by both the world and those on the ground in Haiti. 

The reconstruction of homes, like those in Les Cayes, provides insight into the shift in approach and partnerships that seem promising. Organizations say they have learned what not to do to avoid the slow, unorganized and ultimately inept response of 2010. This time around, many say, the lessons learned have fostered a coordinated response and a willingness to work more effectively.


Source (full story) : Haitian Times
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