Expert Investor Gives Shocking BULLISH Crypto Prediction (Bitcoin Adoption Thriving)


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Today we are discussing Chamath Palihapitiya detailing his global markets outlook in the near term. Next, we’ll talk about …



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  1. First of all, good video and I also hope that the analysis is fulfilled, but and these in NFT projects?
    I am new to this and Mononoke Inu in ETH caught my attention, it is a Play2Earn that looks very good, but I do not know if it is worth it, what advice would you give me?
    New sub man!

  2. I like Gareth and been following him for awhile, but I don’t think he fully understands crypto. He’s a Wall Street guy. For him to predict $20k bitcoin is not even in reality. I’d like him to spend a little more time researching crypto markets using glassnode analysis as he’s going to be shocked when crypto doesn’t perform like stocks. For crypto to go to 20k now, not only would every single long term holder have to dig out cold storage wallets and all panic sell in sync but a chunk of bitcoin completely abandoned and lost on chain by dead people would have to be decrypted and sold. Lol not likely my friend….

  3. Are there bots in here shilling MINERS token!? Did I miss something in the video? Looking at the charts MINERS has been in steady decline since its inception. Bots need not comment only humans please. Anyone have insight to offer?

  4. We are in the late circle stage, of this BTC crap, and is packaging as a "store value" now….in stead as money making machine at the early stage…good to fool the late to the party naïve investors…..and to keep this mega-Ponzi scheme alive…..

  5. GarethSoloway cannot trade he is a gold maxi who is sour about missing out on BTC he tries to spread fud to drive price down so he can buy in hes BIN saying 20 to 7k since December 2020 it never happened he has a lil willy and writes his own comments he cannot trade at all

  6. Gareth is such a joke, once he uses on-chain data and macro trends and adoption into account he might be good one day, but I laughed out loud again and again when he promised 20k over the past 6 months :'D But this time it nearly made me wet my pants from laughing, he's so bad, no clue how he lives of trading actually 😀

  7. Best part about this sell-off i have been mostly right, the worst part about it is that i don’t short anymore so I’m not making much money, but at least i got to buy some miners token because I have a good feeling it will take off right along with BTC

  8. Dude, why haven’t you covered Miners DeFi yet? They’re literally the only coin on BSC right now. Real use case (mining BTC), steady passive income for holders. Over 120K in Mining equipment acquired already. Limited NFT airdrop is happening right now.

  9. Don't chase this BTC Old Dinosaur looking for his grave…. 12 years ago he make the early investors billionaires….Now he is making a huge ……….. of losers, like any clastic Mega-Ponzi scheme……

  10. Wow crypto busy has obviously not been busy watching the news here in England. All the talk about inflation and fuel costs with people not being able to make ends meet. Massive inflation all over Europe too. Our government offering packages of support to the lower paid.

  11. When there good news about crypto or stock there will be bad news government county war that will have negative effect on your investment my opinion nothing is going no where until we get some good news between Ukraine Russia china USA

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