EUROPE Warning Of CRYPTO MARKET CRASH!! (China Fights For MOST Powerful Country!)


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Will crypto crash deeper? Today we will be discussing Ray Dalio’s latest release of the inaugural edition of his new Country …



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  1. That America should continue controlling the money is probably one of the worst things you’ve ever said! Some of us are actually about a free market and the Fed or any group of humans controlling money is anti-ethical to a free market so no one should control the money and that’s the point of #Bitcoin

  2. They're shaking the tree soo retail panic sells soaks up liquidity and they can unload their shorts, same thing happening in tech..
    And the Russia narrative is further validated

  3. Another crash is coming, I notice jeb mccaleb from xrp is selling his xrp like crazy lately? He knows something is coming. Buy back much cheaper. That means Bitcoin going down and all crypto.

  4. Ben. Love your channel. LOVE this show! On your point about the US being great, it is the greatest country. Go around the world, and when you return, you remember why. I do agree we need to reform government powers. There is a collective karmic issue we all face for our government's action. We need to elect and push for better leadership. The US gov has done a great job distracting us with money and wealth, which has caused us to be lazy and not participate in the system. I think Bitcoiners are advocates, and we need more people to become learners and debaters. This will return our government to accountability, perhaps. 🙂

  5. Back to back champions 😂

    WW1 was won by the French and British blood.
    WW2 was won by the Soviets blood.

    Just because most of the funding came from the US they took credit for the wins… Murica!

  6. Im sorry bitboy but you can no longer say Americans are the rebels when the US is the empire and you guys did nothing to overthrow your government when they turned tyrannical with the 2020-21 restrictions.

  7. Bitboy, are you renting or do you have a mortgage? Just wanting to know how you are positioning yourself in these times. No hate just looking for some insight on how to ride these times.

  8. Mr Rice, you just got yourself a new subber on Youtube and a new follower on Twitter.
    It seems as if Deezy is trying to change the subject each time you speak or at least move away from what you are trying to get across.
    Well done brother! Keep speaking!

  9. I went to see my grandmother over the weekend. She told me she had been in conversation with her pet budgie, and they are now both calling for bounce in crypto. I’ve been short since Monday!😂

  10. China holds so much of our debt IN there interest we dont't fold but they will continue to rise above the USA in every economic way. Housing crash is starting and will be complete most areas by the end of the year.

  11. The crash is total BS… Just more selling of macro worldwide fear.. I can almost guarantee a parabolic move out of nowhere soon to catch everyone completely off guard and screw over more people trying to short the market..: I’m watching and waiting for it

  12. Monopolies HAVE to stay in the background to exist and BR is one of those. We are in a new level and to notice but dismiss companies like BR means we are just allowing it to happen.

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