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  1. He didn’t know shit about crypto. He just got lucky to make some early money in crypto. He doesn’t even know what’s going on with Luna Classic. What a noob to say would you get fooled by LUNA again.

  2. The same hate you had for Shibu didn't stop them from making money. I remember the same hatred you had for xrp, and I look at you now—nice pair of flip-flops. I'm not a hater for noticing, and yeah, the other two cryptos didn't harm other investors in the billions, but people have amnesia. It isn't pleasant out here as you say. However, You're being weird and brand new.

  3. I see that a lot of people say they are getting ready for the merge. How can you get ready for this? Or this is about dropping usdt on ETH before the merge? But why? Is it gonna pump?

  4. The thing you have to remember about these big crypto youtubers is that they’re all ALREADY rich. They have no need to take risks. They can put their money into a “safe” investment like MATIC or AVAX and just wait for a 5x gain when the market turns up again…. But if you’re just starting out you should ABSOLUTELY be looking at LUNC because it’s a coin that could give you 100x (or more) returns which will build your base for future investing. Don’t be stupid and put your life savings into it… but I would have a moon bag ready 100%.

  5. So basically your message is; "Just don't buy Luna Classic, but I don't know why I am saying this". The time will come that you're going to say buy Luna because we were wrong. At that moment I will sell my Lunc, because you always tell people to ape in at the top.

  6. Yea I have a feeling they don’t want to be wrong so they going to knee cap LUNC as much as they can, I don’t doubt that they are probably loading the boat themselves. Everyone knows ethereum 2.0 is not going to dent the market, it’s a joke, if you want to take a real chance at riches LUNC is your best bet. Lol etherium rallied 7% when LUNC had done over 500%!

  7. Why didn't they mention that Lunc is not the same project as before and that Do Kwon has NOTHING to do with it anymore??? Bitcoin had some shady moments in it's past as well (Mt Gox, etc). They act like it's been perfect 100% of it's history.

  8. Hey Guys, When the Ethereum merge from PoW to PoS happens, there will be a snapshot?? If so, a snapshot of your hard wallet isn't possible. Do we have to move our Ethereum tokens onto an exchange to get the snapshot and receive any benefits from the Ethereum merge.

  9. You should not generally make a recommendation about buying something or avoiding buying it. You didn't make that clear in this video, but your reasoning is leading viewers to not buy Lunac. Just as you as an influencer could be responsible for someone going broke because of your recommendations, you could also be responsible for someone not investing in a crypto project that is experiencing extreme appreciation (moon). As an example, I am sure that many will NOT invest in Lunac because of this video.

  10. never imagined this crew would pump there bags first telling us what not to get into. Let's make this very simple, you show us your wallet, we'll show you ours ( oh, wait, even an individual has multiple wallets) . simple enough, that's why it's called a block chain, but if you're not willing, than well we all know I'm right. I don't play games. I am all about the facts. Trust me , you are just one of many youtubers, and the real most honest ones would call you out. Yal should hire Cramer.

  11. Do Kwon and the rest of the people that screwed everyone, is now with Luna 2.0 ! And look whats happening with that. There is a new team with LUNC. Thats what a lot of these Youtubers dont understand. First time I down voted a video on here. Killed me to do it with Frankie on it.

  12. I’ve made a lot of money on LUNC when I timed the bottom after the big crash. Ben was saying don’t buy it it’s dead. That may be, but if I listened to him I would’ve lost out on a lot of profit. Got a bag now I’m holding long term cause ya never know. I’ve been more successful lately doing opposite of what this channel recommends. Especially after their bs predictions in 2021

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